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At Weisman Law Group, we specialize in Divorce Law, Family Law, and Estate Planning. Our compassionate, dedicated team of attorneys will take a hands-on approach and be sure to give you the guidance and representation you need for the best possible outcome in your case. Whether you are thinking about getting divorced, had been served with divorce papers, are battling for child custody, or planning your estate, our skilled, devoted attorneys will work closely with you to find innovative solutions that protect your interests.

Since 2001, Weisman Law Group has been serving and representing families and businesses in Nassau County, Long Island, New York City, and the surrounding areas.

Rachel J. B. Weisman is considered one of the most captivating matrimonial litigators in Long Island and New York. She is tough, creative, aggressive, compassionate, and intelligent, providing personal attention to each of her clients. Ms. Weisman is also known for her business acumen, having worked in the business arena for several years before enrolling in laws school and building a successful legal practice on Long Island.


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Divorces can take their toll on families. We have a deep understanding of the sensitive and frustrating nature of divorce and we will work with you on a very personal level to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your children.



If you and your spouse are amicable in your decision to get divorced, you may want to consider divorce mediation. If you can work together toward a settlement that best fits the interests of both parties, the divorce process can be made much less stressful.



If you have children together, whether you are married or not, we can assist you in Family Court to resolve any or all of the following issues: paternity, child support collection and enforcement, orders of protection, child custody, and child visitation.



Drawing up a will can be a stressful and daunting process, but failing to do so can cause a lot of undue stress to your loved ones and cost them a lot of money in legal fees in the event of your passing. We can help you ensure that your assets are properly passed on to the people you care most about.



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Whether you’ve been served with divorce papers or you want to file for divorce; you’re fighting for custody of your child; you want to negotiate your spousal support/alimony or child support; or you’re planning your estate and will, you can come in for a free consultation and see if we are the representation you need.