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A divorce is a serious, life-changing event; not only for you and your spouse, but for your children and families, as well. Husbands and wives may become overwhelmed, fearful for what is to come and unsure of what to do next. Very often, during a divorce, each party is unaware of their rights; that is why it is important to hire an experienced divorce attorney to help you get what you deserve.

At Weisman Law Group, we understand that a divorce can cause stress, confusion, and a variety of other emotions. We do our best to ease your stress while finding the best possible way to legally win your case. By hiring an experienced divorce lawyer, you will be guided through the legal process to finalize your marriage, including child support and child custody, if applicable.


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Rachel J. B. Weisman

Founding Member


Matrimonial Attorney Rachel Weisman

Rachel Weisman has been practicing matrimonial and family law since 1989. She has handled thousands of divorce causes, some simple, some very complicated. No matter what your situation is, she can devise a strategy to get you the most favorable outcome possible. No case is too complicated, as Rachel Weisman is a certified mediator in all divorce matters, including distribution of assets, imputation of income, child and spousal support, and family offenses.

Rachel Weisman is tough and intimidating when necessary, but advocates for a negotiated settlement. She understands that while you have to stand up for yourself to get what you deserve, there’s no sense in making the divorce process more adversarial than it needs to be. Rachel Weisman has mediated divorces where the clients have agreed to stay married with a post-nuptial agreement rather than finalizing their divorce. She will always guide you toward the best possible outcome for your situation.

Theresa A. Spinillo

Associate Matrimonial Attorney


Theresa A. Spinillo has been practicing matrimonial and family law for over 13 years and has handled hundreds of cases over the course of her career involving such highly-contested matters as child support, child custody, family offenses, and contempt proceedings.

Theresa has extensive trial experience, including multi-day, multi-issue divorce trials and family court trials. She also has handled more than her fair share of high-asset and complex divorce cases. Theresa believes in maintaining constant communication with her clients and keeps herself easily accessible.

Theresa represents clients from all backgrounds from business owners, doctors, other lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers, dentists, teachers, police officers, jewelers, etc. No matter your background, Theresa can devise an effective strategy to help you preserve your business and assets.